Get the real value out of Personal Data!

The merging of Sensitive Personal Data in decentrally organized protected Data Spaces will realize huge and presently untapped value. Dwinity enables users‘ control and data safety, and introduces a fair data market. Dwinity is designed to unlock the full potential that Sensitive Personal Data & Decentralized AI can offer.









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Dwinity solves issues of present dysfunctional centralized Data Systems

The current centralized Data Economy is limited by interests of monopolistic players & centralized AI. Users have security concerns and no incentive to share Sensitive Personal Data. Meanwhile, Data Owners are sitting on huge untapped potential.


Learn how Dwinity is taking the data economy to the next level.


Dwinity’s Ecosystem bringing the Data Economy to next level

Dwinity’s mission is to give power back to Data Owners and to create a thriving Data Economy in which informational asymmetries are finally removed. Dwinity creates a full-fledged and data-ownership-driven ecosystem for storage, analysis, exchange and commercialization of Sensitive Personal Data. Dwinity unlocks unseen value potential of Decentralized AI!

Dwinity Ecosystem


Dwinity’s powerful components addressing today’s market demands

Present Problem

Local Storage

Lack of security

Lack of trust

Limited availability of high value data

Silo and patchwork data

Low degree of knowledge building

No motivation or direct rewards

Dominance of intermediaries

Major part of data value not captured

Dwinity Solution

Data Control

Storage user control



Data Gold

Access to a holistic data view

Comprehensive network & linking analysis

Life-improving knowledge creation

Data Cash

Monetary rewards for Data Owners

High gamification incentive

Fair and transparent data market


Dwinity is Data mesh 2.0

Dwinity technical Infrastructure

Layer 4 | Dwinity SDK Interface

  • ”Keep it simple” SDK Interface for an easy access to Dwinity
  • Complete SDK for all modern programming languages like Python, C, C++, Java etc.
  • SQL for data queries
  • Large Language Model (LLM)
  • Natural Language Processing (NLP)
  • Single point of access for data query or analysis

Layer 3 | Dwinity Secured Data Space

Dwinity as Data Mesh 2.0 implements Data Control as decentral Data Ownership Domains (DOD) and creates a global decentralized distribution level including Data Control, Data Gold & Data Cash.

Layer 2

  • Interoperability Storage and Payment automation system including scaling, dev, audit & monitoring
  • Platform Services for Smart Contract, Exchange & ITS

Layer 1

  • Core Layer Foundations including protocols & storages
  • Transaction Layer regulates exchange and remittance activities
Dwinity technical Infrastructure


Improving Lives of Data Owners and Data Buyers

The Dwinity use cases represent opportunities for app development within the Dwinity ecosystem. All use cases involve the three Dwinity components: Data Control, Data Gold, and Data Cash. These components enable the creation of value from personal and sensitive data across various industries like financial services, insurance, health care, pharmaceuticals, logistics/transportation, tourism, media and advertising, 3D printing, retail, and lifestyle/fitness.

Dwinity Asthma App


Asthma Medical Data

Worldwide, more than 500 million people are estimated to suffer from Bronchial Asthma. Merging, linking, and evaluating medical data would improve the quality of life of those affected, optimize medication, and drive forward the development of new pathways for successful asthma therapy.

Dwinity’s solution unlocking the full potential

The Dwinity ecosystem as a decentral operator can provide technical components to securely collect necessary data, process, and evaluate them with the help of customized AI algorithms. Medical data are linked with, for example, weather data, pollen information, the comparison of medical standards, location data and much more, and are evaluated accordingly. In this environment, the patient as a Data Owner never loses control over his or her data. Consequently, it will be possible to visualize undetected correlations. Dwinity implements the entire data value chain, provides secure and controllable data storage & sharing, as well as AI-powered data curation, linking, and analysis.


Health Insurance Data

Insurance companies require highly sensitive health data of prospective customers for admission to private and/or supplementary health insurance. The economic goal of insurance companies is to generate a collective of young and healthy premium payers. They are urgently needed to offset costs. Anyone interested in comprehensive health insurance currently has to go through a complicated and very costly application process.

Dwinity’s solution simplifies the review process

Prospective applicants for comprehensive health insurance can use a Dwinity-certified app to disclose their highly sensitive data, which insurers need to assess the application. This data is qualitatively evaluated by the AI and shown as a score. In this way, Dwinity offers the opportunity to introduce a user-centered, user-friendly, and voluntary method of maintaining health information. Within the Dwinity Ecosystem, insurance applicants as data owners never lose control over their data.

Dwinity Health Insurance App


The Global Sensitive Data Discovery Market is expanding rapidly

Global Sensitive Data Discovery Market will quadruple in a decade (2021 - 2030)

Sensitive Data Market

As a result of its revolutionary character and unlimited potential, the Global Sensitive Data Discovery Market is expanding rapidly - in fact, at even higher rates than the Big Data market.

Source: Verified Market Research /

Data Broker Market, Key Players

Global Player

Today´s key players in the Data Broker business not in the position to handle Sensitive Personal Data.

Source: MMR /

Value each user generated for google increased 18 times within 2 decades

Data Market User Generated

Source: MIQ /

Web3 gives users real Data Sovereignty and democratizes Commercialization

Data Market Web 1-2-3

Source: Civilsdaily /


Dwinity Silver Bullets in comparison to other initiatives

Other initiatives

Centralized Data Economy with passive Data Owners

Centralized cloud storage with security, cost & scaling issues

Focus on just one component of Data-Value-Creation,
such as Commercialization

Is based on already-generated data and excludes Data Owners from value chain

Stand-alone crypto technology without AI implementation

Pure blockchain usage with hash technology is easily decryptable

Most Data Economy ventures are at application level with limited potential


Decentralized Data Economy creating empowered Data Owners

Highly secure & quantum-proof decentralized data storage at lower costs

Combines all 3 necessary components for increasing data value: Storage, Analytics, and Commercialization

Starts at the source of Personal Data for a direct Data Economy & enables the Data Owner to participate in the value chain

Leverages synergies of both AI & Crypto for automated data analysis, networking & linking

Combination of blockchain & ITS technology provides highest security & quantum proof

Data Ecosystem as layer-3 infrastructure with unlimited potential


Why now?

Bull Market ahead

In the coming bull market, the projects that will be most successful will be those that can solve main Web2 issues through Web3 technologies, such as Dwinity.

Favorable Regulation

Current regulation of the crypto market, like in Europe (MiCa), gives the now starting Web3 ventures and their investors a legally secure framework and promotes the overall acceptance of the market.

Data Protection

Currently, attempts are being made to ensure the protection of Personal Data by regulations and company promises. However, sustainable Data Protection can only be achieved through Web3 and a data-ownership-driven Data Economy.

Digital Sovereignty

The awareness of people for solutions to maintain digital sovereignty is huge, because everyone realizes that the current system only exploits people.

Data Growth

Approximately 90% of all currently available data worldwide has been created in the last two years. In order to be able to draw value potential from data and use them as a source of value, trust and fair structures must be created.

Data-driven Business Models

Data quality is a key competitive factor. Opportunities for generating more information and knowledge from data are in considerable demand.



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Q3 2024

Basic Development
Storage Development
Data Processing
Content Moderation/Gamification

Q4 2024

Testing Infrastructure & Acceptance


Next stages of Decentraliced AI Data Gold & Data Cash


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Peter Koenig
Peter Koenig
Co-Founder & CEO

Serial entrepreneur, involved in the Crypto industry since 2016

Andreas Thum
Dipl. Ing. Andreas Thum
Co-Founder & CTO

More than 25 years of experience in data technology and leading critical projects

Robin Basu
Dr. Robin Basu
Co-Founder & COO

Expert on data sovereignty & researcher on sovereign identities for over 15 years

Christian Mangold
Christian Mangold
Co-Founder & CFO

Seasoned executive more than 15 years in the FinTech and Crypto world


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